5 Tips on Surviving Your First Week with Invisalign Clear Aligners

5 Tips on Surviving Your First Week with Invisalign Clear Aligners

Jun 16, 2019

People who are going to start a new journey with Invisalign are very excited as they exit the dental clinic, but there are some problems which they are going to face because they need to have the commitment and take care of their teeth even better than usual. It becomes very important for them to know how to take care and avoid such problems. We have discussed with many dentists in 85206 and have come up with five tips which can help you survive your first week with Invisalign.

Protect your tongue: This is a very important tip as Invisalign tray corer is very sharp and sometimes it becomes irritating. You would like to remove it, but you cannot get the result which you are looking for ultimately. It is advisable that you use dental wax. Dental wax helps to cover the edge, and you get rid of this problem. You can get this wax anywhere as it is an over-the-counter medicine.

Reduce Invisalign pain and discomfort: First of all, you should know that why are you experiencing pain? Invisalign forces your teeth to get aligned. The force which is applied on your teeth can hurt you and hence, you can try exercises like chewing and moving your lower jaw ahead and so on. You can get the details from the dentist in Gilbert, AZ.

Use movements when Reinserting your Trays: You may face a few problems while reinserting the trays, so you should make some movements while adjusting the tray such as chewing or massaging that area and so on.

Add Invisalign in daily routine: Everyone faces problems when they start with new activities, but only those people get results who add them in daily routine and follow it through. Initially, it might seem difficult, but in the long run, it would be easy for you to handle.

Invisalign Clear Aligners with safety: It is very necessary to take care of Invisalign while washing. You should not clean them with hot water. Also, you should use the toothpaste which your dentist suggests you or you can contact the dentist near you if not done so.

For more advices, you can contact Town Square Dental. They would help you get comfortable with Invisalign and also give you good tips for managing the Invisalign better. You can contact the dentist in Gilbert for the same.

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