7 Tips for Tooth Extraction Aftercare

7 Tips for Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Oct 01, 2020

Tooth extraction can be painful, but the dentist might zero on the teeth extraction process to save the neighboring teeth or reduce the chances of spreading infection. Teeth play a vital role in the digestion of food by chewing and breaking it into a swallowable form. The saliva is mixed with the food while chewing and helps in digestion.

Apart from the primary task of chewing, toot helps you to speak distinctly. Human phonetics is dependent on the teeth, and without teeth, the words might slur inside your mouth. Teeth can also boost your self-esteem and make you look complete. Dental gaps can be embarrassing.

Why is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

The dentist could be the best person to decide for tooth extraction and guide you on the procedure. Tooth extraction is more a part of preventive dentistry and is performed to reduce infection chances to the neighboring teeth.

Tooth extraction can be the only process if your tooth is impacted or severely damaged. The dentist might go for dental extraction when any dental restoration process cannot repair the affected tooth.

Extensive dental decay, tooth infection, dental trauma, chipped or broken tooth, and overcrowding of the jaws due to the eruption of wisdom teeth are some of the reasons that might induce your dentist to go for tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth extraction in Gilbert, AZ, is performed by experienced dentists who can correct your misaligned teeth by extracting wisdom teeth.

If you are facing orthodontic issues, extracting the tooth can be the only viable solution. The extra tooth needs to be removed so that the existing teeth can develop properly. Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure and might also involve sedation dentistry. Sedation can be applied through oral doses, or it can be intravenous depending on the sedation level.

What to Expect with Tooth Extraction?

You would not like the gaps between your teeth after extracting the impacted tooth. The replacement can be some dental prosthesis starting from dental crowns, bridges, or dental implants. Gilbert dentists can suggest you with the best-suited dental prosthesis depending on your oral structure.

The process of tooth extraction might be an elaborate one if the tooth is impacted with the cavity. The dentist needs to clean the cavity and ensure that no part of the damaged tooth is left behind.

The Aftercare

The process of extraction of an impacted tooth painful and needs aftercare. Although the extraction process may be done under sedation, the pain remains for the next three days. Your dentist might suggest some aftercare methods.

#1: Ice Bag

As soon as the operation is completed, you can start applying an ice pack to reduce the swelling. Using the ice pack for about ten minutes and removing it can help your tissues heal and reduce pain.

#2: Gauze

After the extraction procedure is complete, the dentist applies a gauze pad under the extracted tooth. It is advised not to remove the gauze for at least four hours to decrease bleeding and clotting.

#3: Adequate Rest

Complete rest for about 24 hours is recommended after the tooth extraction process. Reduced activity and cutting down on vigorous exercises can help to reduce the pain. It is advised to sleep on a pillow and keep your head propped.

#4: Avoid Smoking

Apart from the many adverse effects of smoking, tobacco is detrimental in the healing tooth extraction process. The longer you avoid smoking, the quicker you heal.

#5: Say “No” to Straw

Using straw might activate the blood vessels and lead to bleeding. Dentists suggest not to use a straw for at least forty-eight hours after the tooth extraction process.

#6: Avoid Solid and Hard Food

Although only a tooth might be extracted, the whole oral cavity is impacted. It is advised to avoid hard, spicy, and hot food. Alternatively, you can incorporate milkshakes, pudding, and soup on your menu.

#7: Visiting the Dentist

Even after successful dental extraction, you need to visit the dentist to ensure there is no further infection, and the healing process is on track. Town Square Dental can provide you tooth extraction and aftercare. With low financing options, sedation dentistry, and preventive dentistry, you can expect to get overall dental care.