Can a Cracked Heal by Itself?

Can a Cracked Heal by Itself?

May 01, 2023

Your teeth are robust, and the tooth enamel is the most vital part of your body. Unfortunately, if you damage your tooth, causing it to crack, you may wonder whether it will heal by itself because your skin and bones heal whenever damaged by cuts or bruises.

If you are a proponent of natural remedies, you may think they will help your tooth to heal. While you may prefer the tooth to recover without treatment from the dental office nearby, you shouldn’t rely on natural remedies to benefit your dental health.

This article will focus on whether or not a cracked tooth will recover without help from dentists to make you understand why help from professionals is optimal for you.

A Cracked Tooth Will Not Heal by Itself

Cracks on teeth result from impacts on your mouth or a bad bite. The damage exposes the tooth’s inner layers, leaving it prone to disease-causing bacteria. In severe cases, it results in tooth loss.

The primary reasons for a cracked tooth include a terrible bite, trauma or injuries, using teeth as tools, teeth grinding, weakening due to age, and temperature changes by eating hot foods or cold beverages.

The typical symptoms enabling you to realize you have a cracked tooth include temperature sensitivity, painful chewing or biting, gum swelling and inflammation, and throbbing pain.

Treatments to Fix a Cracked Tooth

Medical attention from the dentist near me becomes essential if you have tooth damage with a crack. Depending on the extent of the damage, the treatment varies accordingly. First, the dentist must assess whether the crack is mild or has affected the tooth root. Dental treatments for various types of damages include the following:

  • Dental filling Or Bonding : Minor cracks or cusps on the tooth’s chewing surface make it possible for the dentist in Gilbert to save your tooth. They can use tooth-colored fillers to close the crack and seal tooth enamel to prevent bacteria from infecting your dental pulp.
  • Dental Crowns : if the crack on the tooth is severe and has damaged the tooth structure, the dentist recommends a dental crown similar to a tooth cap to fix your tooth. Dental crowns restore the tooth’s functionality, strength, and appearance to make you feel it was never damaged.
  • Root Canals : if the crack reaches the soft center of the tooth containing the dental pulp, it renders your tooth irreparable. You can get the tooth extracted and seek replacement options or adhere to the Gilbert dentist’s advice of receiving a root canal. Although fearsome root canals help preserve your natural tooth by removing the infected dental pulp and tooth root before replacing it with a dental crown. A root canal-treated tooth functions like your remaining teeth for many years after restoration with a dental crown.

When an injury or impact on your mouth cracks a tooth, you must seek treatment from a dentist without relying on natural or herbal remedies hoping the tooth will heal by itself. Unfortunately, although strong, your teeth cannot recover from damage sustained from cavities, injuries, or misuse, making dentists the sole professionals with knowledge of how to treat them.

In addition, if you realize how your mouth bacteria will penetrate the cracks in your tooth to continue burrowing it until they reach the center of the tooth to destroy it forever by infecting your dental pulp and heap considerable expenditure by requiring tooth removal or a root canal, we are sure you will contact the nearby dentist as soon as possible to get the tooth fixed to prevent unnecessary complications.

Teeth with minor or significant cracks benefit from treatments offered by dentists to help you maintain your oral health and your smile optimal. Unfortunately, if you decide otherwise, you may lose the tooth or leave it discolored because the crack can also cause internal bleeding, making your tooth appear grey or dark. In such situations, the optimal remedy is to get the tooth fixed by a dentist and not by using other treatments claiming their benefits but, in reality, encouraging you to damage your tooth permanently by neglecting dental visits.

If your tooth does not have the mechanism to heal by itself, you must ensure you don’t damage it by using preventive measures the dentist suggests, such as night guards for teeth grinding, mouthguards if involved in contact sporting activities, and exercising caution when biting complex and challenging foods. Preventive measures aside, if you manage to crack your tooth, do not rely on alternative remedies but seek treatment from the Gilbert dental professional to fix the tooth as soon as possible.

A tooth with a crack sustains permanent damage making it essential to receive treatment from Town Square Dental at the earliest. If affected by this problem, kindly schedule an appointment with them today to fix your tooth before the situation worsens.

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