Can You Engage in Physical Activity after a Root Canal?

Can You Engage in Physical Activity after a Root Canal?

Jan 16, 2023

Fifty-seven percent of Americans would rather spend an hour at home with snakes instead of getting a root canal to eliminate an excruciating toothache with lingering temperature sensitivity. In addition, getting a root canal and recovering from the procedure seems even more intimidating. However, you can take steps to make the treatment stress free and easy.

Root canals are essential not just for aesthetic appearance but also to enhance your dental and overall health. To benefit from root canal treatment and recovery without complications, here are some root canal recovery tips you can benefit from. Kindly continue reading to learn how to recover comfortably after a root canal procedure as soon as possible.

What Are Root Canals?

Root canal treatment in Gilbert helps eliminate bacteria in an infected tooth. This endodontic process is a technique to preserve an infected tooth. The procedure entails removing the infected or inflamed pulp from inside the tooth. After dental pulp removal, the inside of the tooth is cleaned thoroughly and disinfected, and the tooth is filled and sealed to prevent infections after it is restored with a dental crown.

Root canals have some indicators suggesting that you need this painful treatment. For example, you must watch out for severe pain when biting and chewing and pimples on your gums, indicating the presence of a dental abscess, a life-threatening condition. In addition, chipped and cracked teeth besides lingering sensitivity to temperatures on your teeth, indicate the need for root canals.

What Activities Should You Avoid after a Root Canal?

While you might not look forward to getting a root canal, it is essential to remember that it is the only treatment available to save your tooth and is a routine procedure. Forty-two million Americans are undergoing root canals annually from dentists around the country. The treatment is excellent for fixing infected teeth and preventing needing replacements if you ignore the treatment in favor of getting the tooth extracted. However, recovering from root canals requires you to care for your mouth using the following tips.

Managing Your Mouth

After receiving root canals from the Gilbert dentist, you must watch over your mouth’s feelings and listen to your body. After the therapy, you will experience some pain and swelling, but the dentist suggests ways to reduce and manage it. For example, it would help if you refrained from eating until your mouth is numb. Trying to eat or drink hot beverages can result in biting the soft tissues of your mouth or burning your throat.

Using ice packs on your cheeks is an excellent idea to alleviate swelling, and keeping your head elevated with extra pillows when sleeping is also beneficial. You must plan your meals for a few days after the procedure and refrain from having chewing or crunchy foods relying instead on soft foods that don’t require excessive chewing.

Avoiding Physical Activity

Physical activity is excellent for a healthy lifestyle. However, you help yourself by avoiding exercise for a few days after a root canal. You must take a couple of days off from exercising and inquire with the dentist near you for recommendations on when you can start exercising after receiving a root canal.

If you exercise too soon after your treatment, it might lead to bleeding to make your mouth feel painful. Your recovery time enables your body to heal, making it essential for you to take it easy to prevent your recovery from taking longer and becoming bitter. You can start walking soon after the procedure because it is the best exercise you can get to ease yourself back into everyday activities.

How Long Should You Rest after a Root Canal?

Most people receiving root canals return to normal activities a day after their root canal treatment. However, you can rest 24 hours after your treatment and start working the next day. However, everyone’s bodies heal differently, and the time can vary between patients.

You find it beneficial to give yourself at least 72 hours before planning on returning to or exercising after receiving root canal treatment. You must also ensure you discuss your plans with the Gilbert dentist and request recommendations on their suggestions to return to regular activity after receiving a painful treatment.

Town Square Dental performs root canal treatments on many patients providing them with comprehensive information on their recovery and returning to normal activities after receiving this therapy. If you have a painful tooth that you think might need root canal treatment consult this practice for the therapy and recovery to save your natural tooth.

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