Dental Care Before, During, and After Pregnancy

Dental Care Before, During, and After Pregnancy

Aug 02, 2022

Did you know your oral health during pregnancy is linked to the well-being of your child’s development? During pregnancy, hormonal changes heighten the risk of gum disease, leading to severe implications on your child’s development. At Town Square Dental, we consider various aspects of pregnancy and provide you with preventive oral health measures before, during, and after pregnancy.

It’s crucial to observe a proper oral health regimen during pregnancy. Additionally, it would help if you visited your dentist regularly to detect oral health issues quickly. Untreated dental problems during pregnancy can lead to increased development of gum disease and bacterial infection.

Benefits of Proper Oral Health During Pregnancy

It’s not easy to observe proper oral hygiene practices during pregnancy. The hormonal influx leaves you vulnerable to oral diseases. You are also susceptible to cavities, inflamed gums, and other conditions that may affect you and the developing child. Failure to follow a routine oral health regimen may lead to oral diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis and eventual poor pregnancy outcomes.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene during pregnancy can alleviate gum disease risks and reduce pregnancy complications. Specialists from the dental offices near you may recommend taking a calcium-rich diet during pregnancy. Also, you need to avoid acidic and sugary foods to maintain proper oral health.

Oral Health Care During Pregnancy Phases

It’s essential to visit the dentist near you regularly during pregnancy. Below are some approaches you need to embrace before, during, and after pregnancy to maintain your oral health.

Before Pregnancy: Before and during your early stages of pregnancy, you need to make routine appointments from dental exams and cleaning and screening for any oral health issues.

During Pregnancy: keep track of your dental appointments and ensure you discuss all the provided oral medications with your specialist. Additionally, ensure your dentist evaluates your medical history and you follow all the provided guidelines and measures by your oral health specialist.

After Pregnancy: you need to undertake optional dental procedures recommended by Gilbert’s dentist during this phase. You can choose a complete periodontal health examination and follow subsequent guidelines issued by your specialist.

Every phase in pregnancy requires your oral health specialist’s attention. There are no alternatives to maintaining dental visits and ensuring all the dental issues are timely addressed.

How Does Your Pregnancy Affect Your Oral Health?

You can smoothly make it through the nine months of pregnancy without any discomforts or oral complications. However, you need to regularly follow all the recommended measures in maintaining proper oral hygiene for your developing child. Here are some conditions that may occur during pregnancy:

Pregnancy Gingivitis

This condition leads to the inflammation and tenderness of your gum tissues. You may also bleed when you floss or brush your teeth. If the condition is untreated, you may develop gum disease. To prevent the dental issue during pregnancy, ensure you undergo regular dental cleaning procedures.

High Risk of Tooth Decay

You are prone to dental caries during pregnancy, especially if the intake of carbs is high. Additionally, morning sickness can increase acid in your mouth, which leads to enamel erosion. If you brushed daily, it would help prevent sensitive gag reflex and tender gums. During pregnancy, poor oral hygiene habits are linked to premature delivery, gestational diabetes, intrauterine growth restriction, and other conditions.

Pregnancy Tumors

The condition is associated with overgrowths on your gum tissues, and it occurs during your second trimester. The swelling is linked to excess plaque, and you are likely to bleed or have red gum tissues. It’s crucial to consult your dentist on eliminating plaque and maintaining proper oral health.

Vital Tips for Your Oral Health in Pregnancy

To ensure you observe pearly-white teeth in all the pregnancy stages, you need to follow the vital tips below:

  • Floss your teeth regularly to prevent bacterial infection due to plaque formation between teeth
  • Use approved and recommended fluoride toothpaste by Gilbert dentists
  • Use antimicrobial mouth rinses to cleanse your oral tissues and avoid plaque

Why Dental Care Matters During Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires you to take a keen interest in various aspects, especially your health. It would help if you didn’t overlook oral hygiene since it may lead to adverse complications for your child’s development. You can prevent dental complications and take care of your child’s health. Ensure you undergo regular checkups to alleviate the risk of facing dental health issues. Before, during, and after pregnancy, dental appointments keep you safe from most oral health complications.

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