Do At-Home Whitening Kits Give You A Better Smile?

Do At-Home Whitening Kits Give You A Better Smile?

Dec 16, 2018

Many savvy consumers considering a teeth-whitening dentist will opt for at-home whitening kits. Between the many options on the market, and visiting an expert dentist near you, it can be overwhelming. That’s why Town Square Dental in Gilbert, Arizona has put together a guide for at-home teeth whitening. Let’s examine the considerations behind the right decision for you.

Questions to ask yourself

  • What are you looking to achieve? How white are you looking to go?
  • Do you have crowns, bridges, or any other dental work?
  • Are your teeth or gums sensitive?
  • Have medications stained your teeth?

Continue reading for the best advice on at-home whitening kits.

Your dentist is key

You should always speak with your local dentist in Gilbert before using any products or treatments for your dental health. Typically, over-the-counter treatments will be subpar compared to what a professional teeth-whitening dentist will be able to achieve.

And results aren’t everything: safety is important, too. It’s even possible improper application could cause short-term discomfort. Licensed professionals, like Town Square Dental in Gilbert, Arizona, ensures you’re in good hands.

Most likely, your dentist in Gilbert will offer to provide a take-home kit for maintaining your smile after you’ve had professional care in-office.

How good are over-the-counter solutions?

The American Dental Association reports that hydrogen peroxide levels in OTC products trend much lower than professional treatments. This is important, because more hydrogen peroxide means better, faster results.

Your local dentist will take your tooth health and sensitivity into account and recommend the appropriate strength. Typically, this will range from 15% to 38%. OTC products usually range from only 3% to 10%.


If you decide to use an at-home kit, you should still consult a dentist near you. Town Square Dental will determine whether these products are right for you. Without consulting your professional dentist in Gilbert, Arizona, your product may not work or cause harm. Additionally, a whitening dentist in Gilbert may provide better results. A consultation will ensure the best results, regardless of your decision.

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