Friendly foods You Can Eat after Teeth Whitening Procedure

Friendly foods You Can Eat after Teeth Whitening Procedure

Jan 01, 2021

You inquire about the teeth whitening procedure from dental offices near you to ensure the teeth whitening treatment lasts and what you can eat after the treatment. The foods you consume after teeth whitening can impact the procedure.

The discoloration on your teeth results from pigmented foods and beverages that you frequently have. Undergoing the teeth whitening procedure from teeth whitening Gilbert will enhance your teeth’ appearance while also improving your smile. However, after spending around $ 650 for the treatment, you wouldn’t want to view discoloration on your teeth within a few days, would you? Therefore you must collect information about what you can eat or avoid after the whitening procedure from the dentist in Gilbert, AZ.

Why Must You Keep a Check on the Foods You Have?

Understanding how the teeth whitening procedure functions help you realize why it is necessary to be careful with your foods. When you undergo professional teeth whitening treatment from the Gilbert Arizona dentist, the initial 48 hours following the therapy impact your results. Even after viewing instant results and the dentist’s office, you will lose all the benefits without proper dental care.

Your teeth enamel is expanded to become porous during the whitening treatment. The expansion is essential for the bleaching. Unfortunately, the development also makes your teeth susceptible to brightly colored or potentially staining foods. Your teeth absorb pigments faster from the foods you eat while your teeth are porous.

You need to plan for your meals or choose from a menu at your favorite restaurant before undergoing the teeth whitening procedure. You must stick to friendly foods during the first 48 hours until you are cleared to have your regular diet.

Which Friendly Foods Are Ideal for Excellent Teeth Whitening Results?

Common sense dictates that lighter foods are excellent for the results of teeth whitening. We provide a comprehensive menu to guide you on what you can eat after getting your teeth whitened.


Consider having eggs preferably scrambled to ensure the bright yolk is not as harsh on your teeth. You can have a bagel with cream cheese or butter but avoid jams and jellies. Non-sugary cereals with milk or plain and vanilla flavored yogurts or banana smoothies are also helpful.


Consider these tips when planning your afternoon meals.

Enjoy any sandwiches you want so long as you avoid jams, jellies, mustard, or any other bright condiments. If you have cheese, use only the white options. Pasta and pizza are delicate so long as you stick to creamy white sauces instead of the pigmented variety.


Meat is acceptable on your menu for dinner if you are conscious about your servings. Here again, it would be best if you stuck with the right diet after teeth whitening treatments. The following can help you satisfy your hunger besides helping you maintain your teeth whitening results.

Whitefish or poultry are excellent choices as the main meat dish. You must avoid red meats. You can have potatoes as long as they are raw whites without indulging in sweet potatoes or other varieties. Attempt to avoid highly pigmented black beans or similar versions by choosing unpigmented rice and beans. If you are craving a salad, you must select the potato and macaroni varieties. Lettuce must remain off your menu until the 48-hour time is over.

If you are in the habit of snacking frequently, you can continue doing so by ensuring you stick to foods like original potato chips, pretzels, fruits like apples, bananas, and other light colored low acid options. Anything you have as foods or beverages can impact the teeth whitening treatment, including drinks like coffee, tea, cola, Etc.

Gilbert dental advise patients to exercise care and prepare themselves for the foods they can or cannot have after teeth whitening treatments. People must pay particular attention to the white foods list, which they can have after the procedure. Unfortunately, some foods must be off the list of patients not just during the initial 48 hours but also to maintain the results of the teeth whitening.

No cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening are entirely useful to keep the teeth looking whiter and brighter. Teeth whitening treatments are not substitutes for proper brushing and flossing coupled with six-monthly visits to the dentist for exams and training. You need to remember these essential basics and follow them stringently to prolong the results of the teeth whitening treatment you underwent.

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