How To Get Used To Your New Same Day Dentures Quickly

How To Get Used To Your New Same Day Dentures Quickly

Jun 01, 2019

Whether you have got partial or complete dentures, it’s obvious that you will need some time to adjust with them and get used to them in your mouth. You may also experience some sore spots or mild discomfort for a few weeks till the time your mouth adjusts to the new dental appliance, says the denture dentist near you.

Let us have a look at some of the common issues that you may face during the first few weeks after getting the same day dentures.

Common Issues with New Dentures

  • Your Dentures Slip or Move in Your Mouth

You may experience that your dentures pop out of place from time to time. This commonly occurs when laughing, sneezing, or while coughing. You can fix the problem easily by gently biting down and swallowing as this will get the dentures back into the position.

  • Dentures Causing Pain or Irritation

It’s absolutely normal to feel some pain and discomfort when wearing same day dentures. It may take your mouth some time to adjust with new dentures but the pain and irritation may take few weeks to go away. During this phase, you can swish little bit of salt water for cleaning and relaxing the irritated areas. If the pain is severe and continues after a few weeks, it can be a sign that the dentures are not fitting properly. In that case, you need to see the dentist as soon as possible.

  • Difficulty in Speaking

You may notice difficulty in speaking because of the dentures slipping. But over the period of time you will how to speak confidently with minimal disruption from the dentures. Until then, you can try speaking slower than normal and practice words on your own.

  • Difficulty Eating

New dentures mean that you will need to be more careful while eating. You must avoid hard, sticky, and tough foods especially during first few weeks. Also, eating your food slowly can help. Make sure you have only soft and liquid foods for few days after getting your Pasadena dentures.