Not as Scary as They Sound

Not as Scary as They Sound

Mar 25, 2019

Ever heard of an eruption chart? Wondering what it is? Let’s gather some information on the same.

What are Eruption Charts?

According to dentist near Gilbert, an eruption chart is nothing but the listing of different types of teeth in our mouth and when we can expect them to come out or erupt from the gums on an average.

The chart for primary teeth generally lists when you can expect each tooth to fall out. These charts are extensively used by dentists to compare the development of patient’s teeth as compared to the development in average population. When you have a look at the eruption chart, it may seem intimidating, but there is nothing to worry about and it is the part of natural process.

You can consult a dentist in Gilbert AZ and they would schedule an appointment for you to answer any queries you have regarding the time of teeth eruption, braces in children, dental sealants, fluoride treatment, thumb sucking, and athletic mouth guards. If you are parents of a toddler, it is better to schedule an appointment with dentist in 85296 for their first dental examination so that any issue can be addressed and prevented at an early stage. This will help your child in enjoying a great dental health in long run.

Schedule an Appointment with a Dentist near You

It’s important even for the little ones to have a good dental health as it will reflect in their smile. A beautiful and healthy smile boosts the confidence of tiny tots and leads to a positive self esteem. A healthy smile is also a reflection of overall health and puts your child at reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease

When children develop a good oral care routine and understand the importance of healthy teeth and gums, you can avoid spending huge on restorative procedures which are often required when dental health is ignored. Having strong teeth also helps children in getting proper nutrition as they can eat and chew anything without restrictions. Pediatric dentists can help on maintaining your child’s oral health.

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