Same Day Dentures Can Eradicate the Fears of Dental Extractions

Same Day Dentures Can Eradicate the Fears of Dental Extractions

Nov 01, 2020

Are you scheduled for dental extractions but fear living without your natural teeth displaying gaps in your mouth? You can put your fears to rest because same-day dentures can restore your smile immediately after the extractions. The information in this blog helps you overcome your fears and empower yourself to make an informed decision on dentures with confidence.

The dentist near you provides same-day dentures to help maintain your beautiful smile without downtime, anxiety, or stress. However, these dental appliances are unsuitable for many. Therefore continue reading to understand more about the process to ensure you get the best dentures results possible.

Extractions and Dentures Immediately — Is It Possible?

Same-day dentures are partial or full provided on the same day of the dental extraction. The primary benefit of same-day dentures is you never have to be without your beautiful smile showing off your pearly whites. It just means you can use your artificial teeth immediately after dental extractions.

The ability to wear the dentures immediately after the extraction is made possible by the dentist near you who measures your jaw and teeth approximately a month before the dental extraction. You proceed with the extraction immediately after the dentist confirms your dental appliances are ready.

What Are Same Day Dentures?

Same-day dentures are dental appliances you can wear immediately after the extraction procedure. These dental appliances ensure you never lose your smile after tooth removal. You can begin talking and smiling confidently as soon as you leave the dentist’s office with same day dentures. The ability to eat foods and enjoy the freedom of choice you always had without waiting for a pair of dentures to be ready is yours immediately upon placing the dental appliances in your mouth. If you are anxious about waiting for months or weeks without teeth, same-day dentures are worth considering.

What Are the Advantages of Same Day Dentures?

When you get same-day dentures from the Gilbert dentist, you acquire many benefits.

  • You have artificial teeth in your mouth immediately after the extraction minimizing your time without teeth.
  • You can quickly get accustomed to the new appliances to speak more efficiently using them.
  • Same-day dentures help to protect sensitive tissues and sockets.

Some downsides also accompany same-day dentures, and it would help if you were aware of them.

  • Same-day dental appliances are more expensive than traditional dentures.
  • Understanding how your new appliance will appear is challenging.
  • The appliances are placed on your tissues and gums before healing, and therefore they may require adjustments as time progresses.

Are You Suitable for Same Day Dentures?

It is challenging to determine whether same-day dentures are your best choice for a functional and healthy smile. It’s appealing to have artificial teeth without waiting for a traditional dental mold because the dental appliances are placed on your teeth immediately after the extraction. Same-day dentures are perfect if you don’t want to wait for a pair of traditional devices.

If you are in poor general health or affected by unique dental problems, same-day dentures are unsuitable for you. Therefore you must consult with Town Square Dental about the best dentures and dental extraction. It will help if you remembered that your oral health, mouth, and teeth are unique. Therefore you must seek treatment after consulting a trusted dentist or oral surgeon.

How Much Time Is Required to Get Same Day Dentures?

The time needed to get same-day dentures is a couple of weeks or a month or longer. Your oral health will determine the placement time for the dental appliance after extractions. The best advice to figure out the duration of the process is to consult with the Gilbert dentist.

Usually, the entire process of dental extraction and same day dental placement requires about a month. The dentist must evaluate your dental health to ensure you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. Time is also needed for creating the same day dentures.

The Gilbert dentist measures your mouth and jaw for having the dentures created. Your same-day dentures are made after the measurements and customized to the shape and size of your mouth and jaw.

The best part is that immediately after the dental appliance is ready; you can have artificial teeth in your mouth right after the extraction. You will have the ability to laugh, chew, and smile without waiting immediately after the extraction.