Think You Have An Abscessed Tooth? Our Gilbert Dentist in Town Square Dental Shares 3 Tips to Relieve Pain

Think You Have An Abscessed Tooth? Our Gilbert Dentist in Town Square Dental Shares 3 Tips to Relieve Pain

Mar 15, 2023

What is a Dental Abscess?

This is a collection of pus that forms in the mouth due to an infection. It is usually caused by bacteria entering the tooth or gum tissue, leading to inflammation and pain. Dental abscesses can be extremely painful and cause serious health complications if left untreated. They are typically treated with antibiotics and drainage of the pus, followed by a course of root canal therapy to treat the underlying infection.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Dental Abscess?

The primary cause of a dental abscess is an infection in the tooth. The infection can be caused by bacteria that enter the tooth through a crack or cavity. The infection can also spread to the surrounding tissues, leading to a more severe condition called cellulitis.

Other causes of dental abscesses include trauma to the tooth, which can cause a break in the tooth that allows bacteria to enter, and periodontal disease, an infection of the gums that can damage the bones and tissues that support the teeth. If not treated, periodontal disease can eventually lead to tooth loss, so it is crucial to visit a dentist in Gilbert immediately.

The primary symptom of dental abscess is a throbbing pain that worsens over time. Other symptoms may include:

  • Red, swollen, and tender gums
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes in your neck

When Should You See a Dentist?

It is essential to visit a dentist near you if you experience the following:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Swollen gums
  • Fever

Three Tooth Pain Relief Tips

It is vital to visit a dentist immediately if you notice pimples on the gums. However, you can manage the pain at home with these three tips:

  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater.

For this rinse, mix a teaspoon of salt with warm water. To make it easier, you can place the bowl containing your saltwater on a small tray so that all you need to do is tip it back and forth, swishing it up and down your mouth as if you were gargling.

Rinse for 2-3 minutes daily until the pain has subsided, then repeat several times throughout the day until symptoms disappear completely.

  • Cold compress

If you’re dealing with an abscessed tooth, cold therapy can help relieve pain. Apply a cold compress on the side of the abscessed tooth. A clean cloth or paper towel works best because it’s soft and flexible enough to fit around the area of concern. Make sure not to press too hard on it—you don’t want this to cause further damage. Repeat as often as needed until the pain disappears completely (usually within 24 hours).

  • Antiseptic mouthwash

There are a few reasons to use an antiseptic mouthwash when you have a dental abscess:

  1. It can help kill the bacteria causing the infection.
  2. It can help to reduce the swelling and pain associated with the abscess.
  3. It can help to speed up the healing process.

When choosing an antiseptic mouthwash, select one that contains fluoride. This will help to prevent further tooth decay and also help to strengthen the teeth. Also, consider an Alcohol-free mouthwash as it doesn’t contain alcohol and may help reduce inflammation. Rinse for at least 30 seconds, and do not swallow this solution.

How to Prevent Dental Abscess?

A dental abscess can spread to the surrounding tissues and cause serious health problems if not treated promptly. Luckily, a few oral practices can help you prevent dental abscesses:

  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss daily.
  • Visit your Gilbert dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks
  • Quit smoking as it affects the gums and predisposes you to other problems like oral cancer.

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Do not ignore a dental abscess, as it can lead to other complications. If you notice any signs of an abscess, visit Town Square Dental for assistance.

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