When can I Use Mouthwash After A Tooth Extraction

When can I Use Mouthwash After A Tooth Extraction

Aug 16, 2019
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Good oral health is important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Many believe that just by brushing you can maintain good oral health but with this regular checkups are also essential so that you can detect if any problem exists in your mouth. If issues are not detected at right time, they may exceed to a situation where tooth extraction becomes essential.

It is advised to follow some post precaution after extraction. After the dentist at 82596 performs the tooth extraction procedure, he may suggest following post-surgery precautions. These are essential to avoid any discomfort after the procedure.

Healing Time

When tooth extracted, patient may be required to follow some post-surgery instructions to prepare for the healing period of the extraction. This may take about one and two weeks. The gum tissue will heal in about three to four weeks. Things will soon get back to normal. To further know about healing period after extraction, find Gilbert dentist near me.


As per rule of thumb suggested by an expert dentist at Gilbert, AZ, you must avoid using any sorts of mouthwash after the extraction procedure. This must be restricted for at least one day after the extraction. Dentist suggests avoiding mouthwash too soon after extraction because it can lead to dislodging of the blood clot. One can use warm water and salt solution to rinse the affected area, four times a day.

More possible risk

Mouthwash must also be avoided post extraction because it has alcohol. This is an ingredient which must be avoided soon after the tooth extracted. This may lead to drying out of your socket which can cause irritation and pain for the patient. Dr. Karl Baker is an experienced doctor to perform such procedures and as per him, mouthwash must be strictly avoided in this period of time to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

When it about the recovery of dental surgery, you need to follow strict rules as recommended by your dentist. Further, consult an expert dentist for best Dental Services in Gilbert.