Why Wisdom Teeth Extraction Should Not Be A Scary Subject?

Why Wisdom Teeth Extraction Should Not Be A Scary Subject?

Nov 01, 2019

If you still have your wisdom teeth in your mouth you have a few things to consider. Most people need to remove them and the job must be completed by an expert in teeth extraction in Gilbert. You can consider visiting the dentist near you to save time but are suggested to understand he or she may not have the expertise needed to extract wisdom teeth. Under the circumstances, the best option for you would be to visit a dentist in Gilbert for the extraction. However are you aware of what you can expect during this procedure? If not, we suggest you continue to read this article.

Is It Necessary To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The answer to this question would be in the positive because our jaws just do not grow large enough to have sufficient space for them. They can erupt at an angle or partially emerge causing problems for the rest of the mouth. The wisdom teeth routinely damage the adjacent teeth and therefore dentist 85296 recommends removing them before they begin to create problems and to avoid a complicated surgery.

Why Doesn’t Our Mouth Have Sufficient Space For Wisdom Teeth?

Our jaws are tinier than they used to be because the diet we regularly have lacks certain key nutrients that are needed for the jaw to develop properly. Vitamin K2 has the responsibility of letting the jaw to develop by absorbing the calcium in the body and transferring it to the bones. Most people avoid having foods that are rich in vitamin K2. Factory farming, as well as the craze for low-fat food, has virtually eliminated this vitamin from our diets. Understanding whether the jaw has developed fully depends on the kind of childhood you may have undergone. Jaw development is best supported by having nutrient-rich foods that can be obtained from organs and grass-fed animals. The changes in the diets are primarily responsible for the non-development of our jaw as the Gilbert dentist will explain to you when you approach him or her for Gilbert teeth extraction. You will also receive information that wisdom teeth extraction is not a scary subject as it is made out to be. The procedure will be painless as the dentist will administer anesthesia to make you comfortable.

What Happens If The Wisdom Teeth Are Not Extracted?

Preventing damages to the other teeth in your mouth is the reason why the wisdom teeth should be removed. Wisdom teeth can erupt sideways to create an area where food gets trapped causing decay and even painful infections. Therefore avoiding surgery at an early age is likely to cause more complications and issues down the road.

When Is the Best Time To Get Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The best time to have wisdom teeth removed is before the root forms itself fully. Allowing the root to develop fully makes it more difficult to extract the tooth than when the molars have developed. The teeth begin to grow from Crown down to the root making it necessary for you to get them removed before the root has developed. This will ensure an easier time with the surgery as well as the recovery.

How Much Recovery Time Will I Need After Removing The Wisdom Teeth?

The recovery time is generally about one week but it can be as low as four days in some cases when the extraction is straightforward as it is usually the case when dentist Gilbert AZ performs the extraction. Your recovery time will, however, be depending on many factors including:

  • The Type of Anesthesia Chosen — the recovery time will be much faster if you chose just local anesthesia or nitrous oxide rather than general anesthesia.
  • Your Nutrition After The Procedure — you are likely to recover slowly if you are not providing proper attention to the diet you have after the surgery. Having just ice cream and Jell-O will not help you recover from the surgery faster.
  • Preventing Dry Sockets — many people do not follow the protocol advised by the dentist after surgery. They begin brushing their teeth too soon after surgery and also avoid using a straw or keeping their head elevated.

These instances will delay the recovery time by some days but usually if you follow the advice provided by your dentist you will be fit and fine within a week of having the wisdom teeth removed.

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