Emergency Dentists in Gilbert

Same-Day Emergency Appointment

In the event of a dental emergency, it is recommended that you contact an emergency dentist in Gilbert immediately. Most patients who need emergency dental care are in pain or have other oral issues that demand prompt attention. Waiting longer to get dental pain addressed will have you continue experiencing more agony and discomfort. A minor ache that seems easy to handle can quickly intensify and become a life-threatening crisis, for instance, a tooth abscess that begins to form. Other emergency dental issues could make your future treatment more costly, for example, if you lose a tooth knocked out and not re-inserted into the socket soonest possible.

Common Dental Emergencies

You should make a trip to an emergency dentist at Town Square Dental AZ if you notice the following:

Pain: Although many people find that pain relievers help significantly with tooth pain, many others tend to downplay the severity of their discomfort. However, sometimes a toothache can be so severe that it necessitates immediate medical attention. A seemingly minor issue could be a symptom of a more serious problem with the ear or nasal tissues. The effects of painkillers are only short-lived.

Accidents: Broken or knocked-out teeth are another common source of excruciating pain following accidents that necessitate immediate medical attention. Due to the situation’s urgency, getting to a dentist as soon as possible is crucial if the patient wants to keep their natural teeth or restore them.

Infection: The pain from an abscess in the mouth is an emergency and should be treated quickly. Talk to our dentist immediately if you have painful swellings in or around your mouth or feel any knots in your jaw.

Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

Visiting an emergency dentist in Gilbert can help get you instant relief. A dental emergency might be required from an accident or as a result of a sports injury. It pays to have an emergency dentist handy when this happens.

Secondly, the dentist prevents further damage and dental complications. The earlier a dental issue is dealt with, the better the result. For instance, in situations with lost or damaged teeth, getting to the same-day emergency dentist within a few hours or minutes will increase the chances of the tooth being successfully restored.

Visit Town Square Dental AZ for your dental emergencies to be resolved.

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