Sedation Dentistry in Gilbert

Do you have trouble with dental procedures and treatments? IV sedation dentistry can help! Here at Town Square Dental, we strive to provide all of our patients with the most comfortable sedation dentistry in Gilbert, AZ.

If you would like to try this safe and effective treatment option, call Town Square Dental today. When you choose Dr. Brent Woodmansee, you have a compassionate and professional dentist near you who understands your concerns and will work to make you as relaxed as possible.

What Is It?

IV sedation dentistry is in place to help patients relax who have a difficult time at the dentist. Many patients experience severe cases of anxiety and fear when going to the dentist. Thankfully, IV sedation dentistry allows them to get through their scheduled treatment or procedure without issue.

This ensures that even the most fearful patients can receive the proper dental care they need without the typical anxiety they usually encounter.

While you are sedated via an intravenous tube, you will still be able to breathe on your own. You just won’t be able to feel pain. So rather than being asleep, you will be able to feel completely at peace while Dr. Woodmansee provides your dental care.

Who Needs IV Sedation Dentistry?

Any patient who has anxiety and fear when going to the dentist may find IV sedation dentistry to help. This method of calming patients is so effective that it is now one of the most popular dental techniques used in the United States and Canada.

If you have been looking for IV sedation dentistry near you, Town Square Dental is just where you need to go for your dental care! Call us right away to ensure that you get the kind of attention you need.

What Are the Benefits of Treatment?

One of the most beneficial aspects of IV sedation dentistry is that patients often don’t remember anything from their procedures. This allows Dr. Woodmansee to perform more dental care over fewer visits.

Our patients also experience less discomfort following their dental care. We want you to have a positive visit here at Town Square Dental. That’s why we do everything we can to make your appointments comfortable.

To meet with Dr. Woodmansee, call us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to discussing your treatment options for a pleasant dental experience.

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Dr. Karl Baker

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